About Us

The Eachwin name reflects the idea that our interactions have mutual benefit at their core. We expect this idea to be fulfilled as we engage with our clients, investors, business partners, and the community at large.


Eachwin Capital is an investment management firm that utilizes a unique approach, grounded in the capabilities and experience of its investment team. Our methodology seeks to identify the strongest executive management teams among publicly traded companies, assesses their current investment merits, and builds equity portfolios designed to outperform the broad cross-section of securities included in passive portfolios.

There is no rigid or fixed formula for assessing managerial competence. It requires experience and judgment based on knowledge of an industry and the competitive landscape that a company faces; an understanding of the merits and risks associated with the company's chosen strategy; and an analysis of the skills and engagement of the individuals on the management team and board of directors.

Naturally, we pay attention to traditional investment parameters in our purchase decisions and in portfolio construction.

We do not attempt to take any active role in the companies whose securities we own. Nor are we short sellers. Rather, we are highly focused on identifying an investable universe of best-in-class management teams who possess the skills and acumen to outperform their competitors.

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